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Re: Motion: that the thread be moved to NewsFlash.


Only Extropia voted for the "motion". Three others only motioned for the vote. So its one for, one against.

I realized soon after we set up this system that I often have to interpret informal statements as intention. If I didn't, we would never get anything done.

I thought about when it should be time to actually move the thread. The reason for the 24 hour delay after someone declares their intention to move a thread is so that everyone will realize it is being moved. However, when it was clear that the thread would be moved, and since everyone had sufficient warning, I decided it would not be fair to those who wanted it moved to have to wait an additional 24 hours beyond the 24 hours they had already waited.

We are here to transact business, not play parliamentary games.

Your thread is intact and people are discussing it. You should be happy for that. Let it go and move on.
9/14/2019, 9:34 pm Link to this post PM Spikosauropod

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