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Anyone who is in the dating scene knows one of the biggest "crimes" a male can comit is "profiting" from a one-night stand. Women hate to be "used" for one night and then dumped. But let's take a closer look at this well-known mateing habit. Is a one-night stand justified and who really commits them?

Rather than read all the horesshit books written by men and women who have barely fucked over 50 people, this question can be answered by taking a look at the men one has known. The men I have known over the past 30+ years would never dump a woman who was really good in bed. Nor would I. But usally a good female lover will dump a good male lover after the first night because they don't want him to get "attached" or "clingy." If this is true, maybe all it comes down to is this: women who get dumped after one night are just lousy at !@#$.

So the next time a woman makes it a dating condition that she does not want any one-night stands maybe themale should apply this policy: make her guarantee that she knows how to !@#$ before you ask her out. If she's shitty in bed, why SHOULD a guy give her more than one night? And if she's a winy !@#$ and/or doesn't even know how to cook, she should be glad she even got one night.

It's time men start sticking up for themselves, while being fair. Stop being such pussy-whipped little worms.

These things said, nothing in this essay should be construed to mean that men should not always be polite and gentlemenly on a date and with women at all times. You make like to whip the !@#$ out of her at times, but don't do it (unless she asks you to).

Whatever happens, we men are not wrong if all we can stand is one night after a raft of dysfunctional sex and other abuse.

That said, I personally feel it's inefficient, if not stuipid, for a man to give a woman only one night. A man and a woman should have sex at least two or three nights before he OR she determines if there is going to be long-term chemistry. The problem is, the more times a couple has sex, the greater the likelyhood one of the partners will get attached. If a man gives a woman 2 or 3 !@#$-sessions to prove that she's good in bed -- and she just isn't -- then it's harder to end it, usually for the woman. On the other hand, if she sucks in bed, the man COULD persevere; he could continue for an extended curriculum of !@#$-sessions until she is properly trained up (to his standards). Or the reverse, until he's trained up to her standards, if he's the one who sucks.

But usually hot women who don't want to have babies (yet) are the ones who are most guilty of one-night stands. I have received more one-night stands than I have given and I bet this is true for most men. This is why women are the ones that always natter about "one-night stands" in dating profiles. They are guilty of the very thing about which they complain and by complaining they admit they are also guilty being uneventful in bed.

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