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Emergency Administrator Action

On August 3, 2019 the following thread was generated. This was a reasonable announcement of a tragedy that had unfolded in El Paso Texas:

After several posters had responded appropriately to the topic, the progenitor of the thread went back and changed the OP to make it into a political indictment of certain political figures.

This created the impression that the posters who contributed to the thread had given tacit approval to the political nature of the revised OP.

This is tantamount to a covert attack on the forum and its members. It is sabotage.

Please note this very specific point: the closure was not done in response to the content of the OP, but rather in response to the revision of the OP. If this OP had been initially posted as is, the thread would not have been closed.

This thread was closed in accordance with Rules For Moderators, Rule 14.

In accordance with the rule, this justification has been provided.
8/4/2019, 12:32 am Link to this post PM TheInvisibleHand Blog

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