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Registered: 12-2017
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Collage Dems are practically nazis
2/2/2018, 12:15 pm Link to this post PM spud100 Blog
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Registered: 11-2017
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Re: Collage Dems are practically nazis

Before the Ancient Greeks partied and fought themselves almost to death and became forever-after someone elses' playground to run, at least in Ancient Athens they showed a trend of more and more ways to achieve equality in their many tries at functional democratic government.

We - from so far away - can see what looks like stupid governmental decisions from various efforts to embrace what is still today our dream of equality.

Our mania seems to focus on three. Income equality! Racial Equality! Gender Equality!

These three today. Probably the most famous three rights strung together up to now were "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity?"

That was in France, way back in "wooden sailing ships as major international warship" days. Some time ago. How we doing with those, before we attack three newbies?

Well, Liberty? Check with your local Human Rights Council, in Toronto in Canada, New York in the States, or Tommy Robinson the UK.

Fraternity? Where? Let me in on that info - there's a bounty out from the Human Rights Council if we can ID a real Frat still daring to exist openly.

Equality? Thats where we line right up with the loopiest Ancient Athenians.

We may well exceed the Athenians in having elite comment on that very much separated from reality. Some people are being actually, physically affected. They are bullied, harassed, loosing jobs or college careers.

For many of us it's a spectacle and a debate. On one hand serious, on the other a popular event on YouTube as we see this or that clear minded person thrash a loopy libbo on some equality issue. Do libbo's just ignore that?

Some do. Others are "red pilled" by that or by life. To keep their semi-conditioned sheeple in hand, College libbo-Fascists have to whip them from time to time.

I recall the same kind of "tough love" working quite well at Epiphany Catholic Grade School. No sign at all of open disrespect to any Dogma. Some undercurrent, though.

Shouting slogans in College in stadiums and at this or that rally, praying "en mass" every morning at Mass - similar bonding techniques.

Even under the College libbo-Fascists, just like a Catholic Grade School, there will be one or more undercurrents of thought flowing.

Several future Thomas Sowells are out there. He became a teen Marxist and went through to a doctorate in Econ, then getting a job in hte US Dept of Labor. Seeing the dysfunctional socialists there is what red-pilled him long before the "Matrix" gave us the term.

We are right. We must keep striving to defeat the clowns. They are eminently defeatable.
2/11/2018, 7:39 pm Link to this post PM greendocnowciv Blog

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