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Funeral director sued after resurrection stunt

2/26/2019, 11:38 am Link to this post PM spud100 Blog
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Re: Funeral director sued after resurrection stunt

This is simply more extreme than each and every one of the faith healer aspects in various American services.

And faith - that is part of religious services all over the world. Also to quasi-religious Buddhist and Sikh services - and to so many other definitely non-religious examples of faith.

We clearly have it as part of our makeup.

So keep the faith, and keep posting amusing and interesting posts, my friend.

From the boot camp start of my career in the military, I discovered that they sometimes use the a pretty casual nickname "magic show" for going to church.

As in saying this for going to church, a close paraphrase of what I heard: "All y'all who wanna go to the magic show today, line up over here."

It applied to all religious services - we had several choices. The expression started with making fun of my religion, Catholicism. We call a "church service" a "Mass."

Every Catholic Mass has a moment when the Priest or his delegated representative hands you a small, round, bread wafer. We call that, "the host." Our religion says that as you swallow that - and I am not making this up - that the bread turns into a tiny piece of the literal, actual, corporeal, physical body of Jesus Christ.

As kids, that and other things that cannot be demonstrated or seem unreasonable in any way are simply called "mysteries of the Church." We are taught that we need to pray for faith that will have us believe this or that regardless of either zero proof, or apparent disproof.

To an outsider, or a Catholic with a cynical frame of mind, such mysteries can be referred to as magic. Or even magic tricks.

This carnival act in South Africa? True - more dramatic and impressive than "rise up! The spirit of God commands you" called out so many times in evangelical rallies and even form time to time in a regular building used for regularly scheduled evangelical Christian services.

Faith is part of our human makeup. Faith in "the system" - that phrase referring to some nebulous organized something that has control in some way - gives some who are very secular in most ways complete confidence in nonsense.

Part of acceptance of science means accepting what most media tells us is scientifically accepted - such as "Global Warming Alarmism" by whatever phrase is now being used.

From this guy in South Africa, to the late Sam Kinnison. Kinnison would easily find a storefront church, and preach for donations.

He could reliably convince a crowd to donate to him. He had amazing crowd control, and first learned it doing this a child preacher. So anytime his pockets were empty as a young comedian who had spent a week not working, just carousing - a fast preach and collection.

It was easier and faster money to his perception, than working steadily as a comedian and watching his money and carousing more carefully.

3/5/2019, 1:22 pm Link to this post PM greendocnowciv Blog

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