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SUSTAINABLE SEX - How to Remedy Boredom & Health Problems

Sexual boredom is an argument for sexual diversity, sexual education and better health care.

If Scientific American magazine is correct that 1 in 6 are on psychiatric drugs, then this is why at least 1 in 6 Americans are bored with sex: they have a damaged libido.

Once one is off the drugs, trying different positions and sex toys is a no-brainer. There are many different positions, techniques and toys.

But often people simply get bored with each other. For 195,000 years of human history the average relationship was 3 years. Today we have the 7-year itch, so humanity IS improving. But the bald facts of existence may be that nature simply did not design men and women to be monogamous. At least men. Nature designed them to be promiscuous so the gene pool could be spread wide and far. No sexual imagery intended.

Unfortunately society -- and most men and women -- are in the Dark Ages when it comes to sex. They are also irrational, passing up viable and obvious solutions to their sexual problems. For instance most couples will get divorced before "swinging" with other partners. Swinging is a good way to provide sexual diversity when all positions have been exhausted. It is also more honest than a covert sexual affair.

Unfortunately your average brain-washed man or woman in America would rather destroy their family than go to a swing party. Where they place their MEAT is more important than where they MEET with their kids.

These things said, it's no surprise that most women -- AND men -- are shitty in bed. One doesn't have to sleep with a lot of people as they can ascertain this by studying pornographic films.

My estimates are that 1 in 10 are good at sex, 1 in 25 are great but only 1 in 50 are excellent. And this makes sense because the world wide average for sex is 7 partners for males and 5 partners for women. How can one become good or excellent at something if they only had 5 to 7 partners? This is no doubt the reason most men and women suck in bed -- not enough experience with different partners. They may know exactly how to please their wife or husband after 20 years, but they have no idea how to please other men or women, respectively.

And this brings me to why we need to establish !@#$ U.

Also know as !@#$ University, !@#$ U would have a comprehensive curriculum of theoretical and applied sex. Everything from various philosophies of sex to practical applications and exercises would be taught.

As part of the curriculum, !@#$ U would be affiliated with what could be called a sexercise club. This would be a bonefide health club where students could apply their lessons, improve their health and get into better physical shape. To this end students could elect health club exercises that would be reward-driven.

For instance, for every new push up a male student accomplished he would get an additional 30 seconds worth of blow job from the instructor of his choice. For every pound lost, a female student would get hard-fucked for an additional 10 minutes. The instructors giving the blow jobs or giving the hard-fuckings could be students themselves, students working on their degrees or to become more accomplished at various sexual techniques taught at !@#$ U.

A university like this would not only work it would probably be profitable. So where are the investors?!

Unfortunately, the sexually perverted, low-libido authorities and religionists would be sure to yap about this "business plan" and attempt to shut it down on the grounds it was "prostitution." But that might be more difficult than one would imagine because no one would be paying for "sex" -- the definition of prostitution. They would be paying for health and education. And that seriously WOULD be what they would be paying for, especially since the sex at the sexercise club would be on a volunteer basis.

Or to use Agenda 21 terms -- we could view !@#$ U and its sexercise club as a way society could "transition" off of drugs for pleasure and onto natural activities for pleasure. Sex, in the long-run is much healthier than alcohol, antidepressants or even heroin and given the population explosion it may only be a matter of time before the role of sex changes to align with the goals of sustainable development. If, after all, we are over-populated -- as the Club of Rome and the UN warn us -- then the sexual rationale between men and women may have to be updated. With a population of 7.7 billion people, men and women may no longer have the luxury of sex for reproduction, they will have sex for recreation as that's not only healthier, it's more sustainable on a number of counts.

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