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Books to rebuild America (and the world) in the 21st Century

Introduction by Richiemobile:
This is arguably the most prolific of my posts from the days of the Forum from [sign in to see URL]. It was started there in 2012 and ended in April of 2018. but linked in has maintained it as an article of yours truly. ( One might notice that the latest version of [sign in to see URL] incorporates a section of books ahem, you’re welcome Ray)

This list is Dynamic in that books are being added to it all
the time. As James Jaeger pointed out years ago. Artificial Intelligence will read, digest, assimilate, crossreference all of these books in the very near future.
Until then we can obviously still read them ourselves.

From linked in:

[sign in to see URL]

You can access the list directly at [sign in to see URL] here:

[sign in to see URL]=cm_sw_r_fa_ws_t2_Bz3JybFE41BK3

Original Thread:

[sign in to see URL]#post224

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