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Re: ANYONE TALKING ABOUT SEX or Relationships?

I went to a dance last night and there were about three girls for every guy. Great, but the pathetic thing is: all the girls were dancing with each other! 40 little !@#$ all dancing with each other daring guys to come over and ask them to dance -- so they could spit on them.

Is this what relationships have come to in the post-weinsteinian world -- the Sexual Dark Age we are now in?

Figuring it was just dances, I texted a friend that happens to have a pussy and she said she hates dances. Further, she said she no longer wants to have sex unless she's in a relationship and she doesn't want to be in any relationships. Then she told me that she doesn't want a relationship because she's used to being single now and likes it. A perfect little catch-22 to hide in forever.

I know this sweet woman and it doesn't help that her last boy friend used to beat the !@#$ out of her. So she not only hates relationships, she generally hates men. I am an exception I guess.
Another friend of mine who just happens to have a !@#$ wrote me and said that now that she's had kids and they are raised, she has no purpose. I suggested that she could !@#$ a lot of guys and make them happy. That would be a purpose. She agreed but said it's too much trouble getting dressed up for a man -- she would rather stay home, feed the cats and knit.

I have 10 or 20 other female stories revolving around the idea that relationships in the post-weinsteinian era are shitty. And one could get philosophical about it and say it's just the universe balancing out the "free love" era of the 1960s. But now it seems we are in the "free hate" era. Eventually something's gotta give.

As a Libertarian, my personal opinion is that there is a stress point that could easily be relieved. At least experimented with. That stress point is prostitution -- prostitution needs to be decriminalized. That would thaw things out and lubricate the wheels of society. The asexual, mental, basket-cases that passed "laws" to make prostitution illegal should be taken out and shot (figuratively).

Because men can't get sex from the hate-filled woman who demand relationships before sex, what choices do they have but illegal prostitution or rape. Not my suggestion, just something the deity would enjoy, as it enjoys making its creations miserable.

So here are the possible solutions -- because !@#$ isn't going away -- at least as long as there are men and pussies on the planet:

A) Women come to their senses and accept sex as more natural than a red wine or pharmaceuticals;

B) The abortions of life that have outlawed prostitution are placed in dungeons where they belong;

C) SexBots are drastically improved and disseminated across the planet as affordable purchases and rentals;

D) Women from sex-normal places -- like Thailand and New Zealand -- are imported to the U.S. to service the male population. Forget about the crops;

E) The nasty females that now prostitute themselves to the U.S. male population under the banner of "marriage" are ignored or deported.


Given this, there are the pillars of the solution: After having children and delivering them to the world from stable, rational, loving families, Society must acknowledge that sex takes on a different role. The term "making love" now becomes "having sex" -- or just plane "!@#$".

Women who are post-45 need to !@#$ for recreation not knit or stay at home hating men.

Men who are post-45 need to realize that women who are post-45 are usually very depressed because they don't know what their life-purpose is any more. Their kids are raised and they are often too old to be admitted into the work force and/or they are not used to working, especially if they were in a one-income, anti-Marxist family.

So here's how men and women can help each other out of the mud.

Women need to stay in shape and give men all the sex they want. Men need to stay in shape and give women all the love or attention THEY want.

No more wham-bam-thank-you-mam, AND no more monogamy. Yes you heard it right: NO MORE !@#$ MONOGAMY. A man should be able to !@#$ as many women as he can service in the "love or attention" department. If a man can make two women happy, then he gets to !@#$ those two women. If a man can make 10 women happy then he gets to !@#$ all 10 of these women, simultaneously or sequentially, depending on the womens' preferences. Men are never going to be monogamous and women are never going to be polygamous. So why not just recognize the facts and create a non-judgmental, workable structure for both.

If a man can't give "love or attention," he should give money. In other words, men should be married without being married. They should help her out from time to time. Especially if she !@#$ him from time to time. Marriage is little different. Marriage is little more than what could be called, "slow motion prostitution." Thus it's quite hypocritical for the "abortions of nature" in the church and state to make prostitution illegal. Marriage IS prostitution.

The "abortions of nature" have made prostitution illegal to suit THEIR purposes -- NOT the purposes of Society. The reason prostitution became illegal is so the kings of yesteryear could have more disease-free harems. They wanted to !@#$ as many women as possible, but they wanted their subjects to !@#$ only one woman. In fact you had to have a license to !@#$ in the Kingdom. Where do you think the world !@#$ came from? It's an acronym for
Fornication Under Consent of the King. In other words, the king had to give his Consent before you could Fornicate. You had to have a license before you could legally have sex, what could be called a "!@#$ License".

So if the subjects had to have a !@#$ License -- later converted to a MARRIAGE License -- most of the men in the Kingdom would be tied down to one (1) women and the king would have less disease spreading throughout his kingdom -- especially in his harems. Today the government does the same thing the Kings did: it requires !@#$ Licenses. Thus certain types of fornication are "legal" -- marriage -- while others are kept illegal -- prostitution -- so entrenched politicians can find and use "dirt" on political rivals and opponents.

And the reason the church goes along with the State's !@#$ Laws is because the Church needs sinners otherwise it's out of business. The Church also needs to collect donations from sinners who are repenting and who better to exploit than the sex-crazy males in every "society."

So the church and the state are the two main entities that have actually destroyed Society in the name of anti-!@#$ laws and hypocritical morals. And this system worked so well for both the church and the state, the !@#$ Laws administered through the King's !@#$ License were converted into the Marriage License under the Institution of Marriage. This is why marriage could be called "slow motion prostitution" that has been licensed under the current !@#$ Laws of the society.

This is ultimately why all the girls dance with each other, have turned lesbo and/or hate men. This is why we are in the post-weinsteinian era? But the good news is, all this can be easily solved by addressing and acknowledging five simple measures:

A) Sex is normal and better than drugs;

B) The Church and the State are sex-ploiting abortions of nature;

C) Planetary SexBots are needed now;

D) Sex-friendly women need to compete with American prudes;

E) American prudes need to be ignored or deported.

This is how we remedy the Sexual Dark Age we are now in.

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