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Re: THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE -- Genesis and Remedy - 1

Here is a sampling of the 850 reviews on SEX AT DAWN posted at

"I've never believed that monogamy was natural. It just doesn't make sense to me. If it's natural, then why does it fail so much of the time, even when it has so much cultural support? Every love song and movie reinforces the idea that the ultimate goal is to be in love with one person for the rest of your life, and any urges to do otherwise are unnatural and shameful, and yet we're still cheating on our partners in droves. Sex at Dawn provides some pretty convincing scientific evidence that in our pre-history humans were way more promiscuous than we have previously admitted. Victorian evolutionary biologists conveniently ignored the behavior of the bonobo, one of our closest genetic relatives, who use sex to solve conflicts and create social bonds, instead focusing on the more aggressive chimps for their research. This book asks the question up until now we've been too coy to ask: Is promiscuous sex actually more natural for humans than monogamy? I'm not saying that I think everyone should break up their marriages and become sex-crazed swingers, but it does explain a lot about our current culture if we look at it through this lens. Only time will tell, but I'd bet that science continues to provide more evidence backing up these claims."

"The authors build a powerful case for explaining our humanness. Anyone can force themselves to be monogamous, but our evolution dictates a genetic whisper that leads many people away from this unnatural forced life-long pairing. How many families have been ripped apart because people behaved as their genetics programmed them?"

"The evidence presented in this book and the theories offered by the authors COMPLETELY changed the way I view other humans, our cultures, and history. I have found a greater acceptance of myself and those close to me, and greater satisfaction in my relationships (no matter how fleeting) after having read this book. It was mind-blowing. Many of theories offered explanations to phenomena I have always observed but never questioned. I dare you to find out how it will change you..."

"I don't know which was more refreshing: the evidence-based explanation of the evolutionary biological roots of human sexuality or the exposure of how our cultural taboos have gotten in the way of science with regard to what the author calls the standard narrative of the naturalness of human monogamy."

"First of all, the author does a great job distinguishing opinion from fact, so as to not offend the reading audience. This book will tickle your brain a little bit about everything we've been told was "right" and touch on the true questions you've always wondered... It's a perfect duality on the topic of sex. Brilliantly presented information and a great read for anyone married wondering while they still want to hump everything that walks by. I believe the thoughts in this book will rapidly gain attention as more people are comfortable questioning why we are monogamous. The marriage statistics reflect it, the times are different, psychology is changing, it will be interesting to see where this book pushes society to think when it relates to monogamous relationships."

"An instant classic, this book will completely change the way you view sex and marriage. Christopher does a great job at showing how our current views of marriage are out of touch with who we are as human beings. Highly recommended."

"This is one of the most interesting and helpful books I've read on human sexuality. As a psychologist (and also just as a human being), I've long been dissatisfied with the standard narrative of human sexuality proposed by evolutionary psychology. It seems to miss something important about the complexity of human sexual experience. Enter Sex at Dawn... This book has taken the time to pull together research supporting a much richer, and much different, picture of of the evolution of our sexual selves than most of us have ever been taught. I especially appreciate the accuracy and fairness of the discussion of female sexuality. (Thank you! Thank God, finally, someone doesn't believe that women only have sex to score offspring and paternal investment.)"

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