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Animal food packaging should come with a weblink to the murder of that animal

I believe we should all take personal responsibility for the food we eat. eg buying locally produced food (rather than something thats traveled several thousand miles to get to your plate and increasing the carbon footprint)

But meateaters should witness the execution of the animals they eat. So you buy a chicken - theres a QR code on the packaging. The abatoir records each individual murder. You watch the chicken having its head cut off and only then can you consume the delicious flesh.

Cows getting a bolt through there head and so on. All meat eaters should have to look into the eyes of the animal they are about to eat, watch their murder and be totally comfortable with it.

No more chomping down a burger without giving a second thought to the billions of murders that have been carried out to give you a little snack.

If you had to slit an animals throat everytime you ate meat would you eat as much meat?

Are you prepared to take responsibility for the genocide of the meat industry?

heres a funny youtube clip

[url][sign in to see URL]

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Re: Animal food packaging should come with a weblink to the murder of that animal

Also, people who have abortions should be forced to watch videos showing how fetuses like these came to be. They should also be required to read literature on why abortion is actually murder:

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Probably, anyone who gets power from windmills should be required to watch videos of birds getting caught in windmill blades.

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