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Lets all share sci-fi - erotic fantasy fiction. heres mine!

It was the year the Gigaquads split the atom. London air, fresh and bright on this summer morning smelled faintly of roses - the assigned scent for this sector.
Black skimmed his hoverbike through rush hour traffic weaving through the suckers jammed in their Teslapods.

Anyway, this bird with fantastic tits and a cute arse dressed in a black pvc body suit that perfect outlined her body came up to Black and started sucking him off and then he spunked up everywhere.

At which point some robot had to mop it up.

"I will have my revenge" it muttered to itself.

is that any good?

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Re: Lets all share sci-fi - erotic fantasy fiction. heres mine!

I applaud your effort to churn out some content. Good luck to ya!

This wiki has evidence that fantasy and sci-fi-like stories were written very early on indeed.

Then into early modern times. My first awareness of this as an issue was years ago reading that one of my favorite authors had "pioneered" doing this in his "golden era" of American Sci-fi writing:

"Philip José Farmer wrote The Lovers (1952), arguably the first science fiction story to feature sex as a major theme, and Strange Relations (1960), a collection of five stories about human/alien sexual relations.

In his novel Flesh (1960), a hypermasculine antlered man ritually impregnates legions of virgins in order to counter declining male fertility."
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