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Escape Velocity's Sundry Fora

Our forum has five distinct sections. These sections were designed to promote social harmony and focus discussion.

NewsFlash: This is really our forum's off-topic section. It is where you can post anything that does not belong in one of the other sections. Topics in this section can be controversial and even disturbing, but they should not be genuinely offensive.

MindX: The name for this subforum is a tribute to the old Kurzweil Mind Exchange forum. This is our section for science, technology, and futurism. The key element of topics in this subforum is "innovation". These topics are our forum's main mission.

Lobby: This is our welcoming section where new forum members can introduce themselves. It contains an administrative introduction, a forum user guide, and a description of the forum's various subforums.

Foundation & Bureaucracy: This is where we discuss and vote on forum issues. If you do not want to be surprised by sudden dramatic changes in the forum's layout or rules, you had better keep an eye on this section. On this forum, ignorance is not bliss. If you want to raise an issue about how the forum is run, do it here. Such issues are off-topic in any other subforum. This section also includes our Forum Rules, our Guiding Philosophy, and Instructions for Moderators.

Netherworld: This section is a dumping ground for topics that are so upsetting to some members that those members cannot stand to even be aware of them. Topics may be moved to this section if the moderators believe they are toxic or have become toxic. On this site, we do not ban topics. We move them to the Netherworld. If a topic you like gets moved to the Netherworld, do not fret. You can continue your discussion uninterrupted. DO NOT complain about a topic you see in this section. If you do not want to be offended, don't open this section. On the other hand, this is not a place to promote illegal or dangerous behavior. If someone proposes shooting the president or stealing identities, even in this section, their topic will be blocked and they may be subject to banning. Topics in this section must not violate Runboard site rules.

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