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Registered: 11-2017
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This forum is dedicated to futurism. It is a place of exchange for ideas and information related to where we are going as a species inspired by the writings and website of Raymond Kurzweil.

The name of our forum, Escape Velocity, comes from a term sometimes used by futurists. It describes the point when AI becomes sufficiently advanced that it "escapes" the need for human assistance. It also represents the point when human labor becomes obsolete and humans "escape" the need to work or invent and are effectively on a permanent vacation.

Members should be ruthless and exhaustive in the pursuit of information that may contribute to the forum. If you find an article posted in an online magazine or another futurist forum that may add to this forum, post a link to it here. Do not copy enough information to constitute plagiarism.

This forum will be kept clean. Rude or destructive behavior will not be tolerated at any time. All forum rules will be interpreted and enforced according to the “reasonable person” principle.

The forum is set up as much like a republic as is possible in this setting. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, it is “A Republic, if you can keep it.” The forum administration on this site would prefer to be invisible. Help him to remain that way.
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