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Re: Futurist Sources

This is a collective link to several sticky threads that were part of the original design of the forum. One of the links was actually supplemented at your request. Those links were unstickied when the forum was revised and linked to with this one collective sticky.

I had to make a lot of assumptions when we revised the original design of the forum. This is one of them.

Since this thread is effectively part of the original design of the forum, unstickying it would require legislation to change the forum:


19. Forum Modification: Anything about the forum can be changed (where feasible) if 3/4 of the moderators agree to exact changes. Forum Administration will not undertake heroic measures to make expensive or technically difficult changes. Administration may make minor edits to the forum to increase consistency or clarity after posting their intent in the Foundation & Bureaucracy section and waiting 24 hours for members and moderators to make objections. If any moderators object, the issue must be handled in the official manner.

6/21/2019, 11:19 am Link to this post PM Spikosauropod

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