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NEW YORK CITY -- Harassment Capital of the U.S.

Not only does New York City harbor the anti-Constitutional, criminal Federal Reserve System and the United Nations, Global Government headquarters -- its hotels are over-priced and fraudulent.

For instance, go sign up for a night at a New York hotel and see if you don't want to file a "harassment" charge. I did and the amount I was quoted for a room was $169, but when I arrived, my bill was $229.88 -- a whopping 26.45% higher than the quoted price. This is a classic bait-and-switch, if not fraud.

So what extra hidden charges do hotels assess (and when I complained I was told by the hotel manager that all of the New York hotels charge fees and taxes like this)? Well there's $15 for the state tax; $31.57 for the "Facility Fee"; 3.50 for the "Hotel Unit Fee" and $10.81 for the New York City tax. That's a total of $60.80 MORE than the price quoted. WTF

I can understand that the Hotel can't waive the two sets of rape and pillage taxes -- one from the greedy, over-taxed State of New York and one from the greedy, fiat currency-saturated City of New York -- but what's with the "Facility Fee" and the "Hotel Unit Fee" -- such totaling $35 on a $169 room?! This is pure bait-and-switch, if not fraud, for the real price of the room is $204, not $169. Why don't they just state that upfront instead of covertly adding fees and then "justifying" them as fees for access to amenities you don't want?

And EVERYTHING in New York City is grossly over-priced. Not only has this City declared bankruptcy at least once in recent history -- and been bailed out by the rest of the country's tax payers -- it's the seat of fraud in the U.S. for New York City is where the Federal Reserve System emits its "bills of credit" -- "money" clearly deemed illegal under Article I, Section 8 & 10 of the U.S. Constitution. Since the NYC Fed is where all the fiat current -- money printed out of thin air -- emanates, it's no wonder that Federal Reserve Bills have little purchasing power in New York City. The funny money that swirls around the city is so weak it takes thousands of bills to purchase what should only take a few hundred. Yes, New York, and brainwashed New Yorkers, have allowed their greedy bankers to destroy America's money.

So really, New York's hotels are little different that most of the other business establishments in the "Big Rotten Apple" -- businesses that are seeking to survive in an environment of "fractional reserve" fraud and "fiat" currency inflation. Given this financial environment, how can a citizen visiting New York City expect anything less than a screw job?

But where else can New York get fresh blood other than sucking it out of citizens from the rest of the nation and planet?

So rather than complain about the Fed, the Global Government or the Hotels with their excessive and ridiculous "Facility" fees -- 21% -- and New York rape taxes -- 11% total -- maybe WE THE PEOPLE should simply avoid visiting or doing business with anything New York. Just let the vampire city -- and all its Mainstream Media-infested citizens -- die and rot.

If New York's Hotels are any indicator of the culture that has grown up in New York City, I say good riddance.

Watch FIAT EMPIRE if you are foggy on any of this or how New York City-member banks rape and pillage WE THE PEOPLE out of billions every year with the fraudulent system of fractional reserve and the anti-Constitutional fiat currency system of the Fed.

Oh, and the next time you're up in the Big Apple be careful no one "stops and frisks" you without your consent. If they do you can always sue them for sexual harassment (although it's difficult to prevail in court when you are charging an ex-mayor like Bloomberg who happens to have a very serious frisk fetish).

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