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FACTORY WORKERS ON HEROIN: How the State Profits Off of the "War on Drugs"

There's a cute little documentary out on Netfix right now called, HEROIN(E). The doc walks us through the endless deaths happening right now in Huntington, West Virginia. Unfortunately, the filmmakers failed to mention that many, if not most of, the the citizens who have died in this little community are a result of unemployment. That's right, Huntington, West Virginia is coal and steel country. And thanks to Bill Clinton's NAFTA, and the broader GATT treaties, this area is part of the 50,000 factories that have been closed down across the USA due to "Globalization."

So what do the citizens of a town do when their factories are closed down? They have fun with sex and drugs. After all, what else is there to do all day and all night? And this is where well-meaning, but causality-challenged government officials, like Deputy Fire Chief, Jan Rader and Drug Court Judge, Patricia Keller, come to the "rescue."

And what's the state's solution to this drug epidemic? Round up the users, handcuff them, drag them into "drug court" and then give them jail time and a "rehab" program. But when one drug victim, sitting handcuffed in Keller's "drug court" meekly asked: "I don't see how being in jail helps the issue of the underlying problem," Cun_t Judge Kelly quickly "justified" the incarceration by stating 'I jail drug users because I doesn't want them back on the streets "sharing drugs with other participants in my program."

Chief Rader, out in the field rounding up new drug court "participants," adds that 'she likes using Aloxin' because it keeps her heroin users "alive so they can go on to recovery and then become productive, tax-paying citizens again."

So from the state's point of view, drug users are just criminals that need to be rehabilitated so they can pay taxes and make the "program look good." In fact, Cun_t Judge Kelly actually stated to one of her drug victims: "You did a wonderful thing for the program" by recovering, "I didn't want to have to send you to jail."

Of course, sending a drug victim to jail costs the state money. Much better to get them "productive" again so they can pay taxes. This is what today's modern drug "rehabilitation" program is all about -- courtesy of the space-program axing, criminal Richard Nixon who established the nefarious, citizen-murdering DEA.

And this is what Netflix -- a movie company now in bed with the gun-violence promoting Hollywood movie culture -- is all about, promoting a documentary that supports unworkable methodologies used the state in its mission to cause and expand the drug epidemic across America. Yes, the state and Big Pharma are working wonders for the War for Drug Profits.

Fun aside: the state needs to bow out of drugs and prostitution.

By making drugs and prostitution illegal, the state makes it almost impossible for people to get the help they need. Afraid of endless Cun_t Judges like the Judge Kellers across the nation, any man or woman who has come to rely on drugs or prostitution merely to survive has no recourse but to get deeper into the culture. All the state will do is handcuff, jail and enslave them in the name of "rehabilitation" and "protecting other citizens" -- as the Cun_t Judge stated.

Thus when CFR-infested globalists like Bill Clinton and George Bush pass laws that gut the manufacturing base of America, tossing millions of citizens into such desperation they turn to vice -- it's a slow-motion crime no less than what Hitler did to the Jews across Nazi Germany.

Were the billions spent on the police state established Across America, ostensibly to "win the war on drugs," spent on real rehabilitation -- such as what the Church of Scientology's Narconon program accomplishes -- we would see an end to the drug problem.

Many, if not most of the citizens that are now on heroin are a direct product of Big Pharma's greed and arrogance. People get hurt and need pain killers, so Big Pharma sells them drugs like OxyContin. They then get addicted and their prescriptions run out. So they turn to street heroin or substitute more dangerous drugs like Fentanyl or Carfentanil, a drug first synthesized in 1974 by Janssen Pharmaceutical. Then officials in the state, like Deputy Chief Rader, break out the Naloxone to neutralize opioid overdoses. Produced by companies like Amphastar Phama, Naloxone at $40 a dose, is a nice profit center for Big Pharma -- especially when the Nixon-DEA state is their best customer. Add to this circus of death cun_t Judges like Judge Keller, who then further victimize drug victims by arrogantly incarcerating them, or making them slaves in so-called "community service" projects -- and the problem becomes generational.

So in summary here's what we have going on in America.

People who get caught up on drugs are actually handicapped. They are no different than a blind person or a person who has had his legs blown off in a war. They are handicapped because they are victims of powerful chemicals that have entered their biology and caused them to behave in ways that are contrary to society and themselves. They are thus victims of their own biology, their own DNA as recent medical evidence suggests. They are NOT criminals. They should NOT be treated like criminals. The mentality that "justifies" incarceration on the grounds that drug users must be "taken of the streets so they won't affect others in the program" is arrogant, cruel and unusual. Most drug users are NOT drug dealers. They are users. Drug dealers are another category. Maybe THEY need to be taken off the streets, but not the normal drug user. Thus the mentality that indiscriminately treats a drug user, a handicapped person, like a criminal is actually more of a criminal than the user.

Drug users are usually victims of state-induced poverty, such as NAFTA. Many of them are victims of the state's abusive prison "correctional system," a system that damages them further and then profits by building ever more prisons. Pennsylvania is notorious for this abuse.

Every dollar that's spend on prisons and policing drug users or punishing the handicapped for using drugs should be immediately withdrawn and re-allocated to education and humane rehabilitation.

The drug problem is NOT a problem of free will vs determinism.

People who support the "war on drugs" like to "justify" their position on punishment by saying: "Oh he had free will to do the drugs or not." Maybe this would be true if society were doing a better job of educating the citizenry of the risks in connection with drugs, but it is not. You can bet that for every dollar that goes into drug education at least 10 dollars go into the police state.

Americans need to wake up. By listening to the the same prohibitionist voices we have been listening to for decades, we are all becoming victims of drugs.

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Re: FACTORY WORKERS ON HEROIN: How the State Profits Off of the "War on Drugs"


The long term destruction of our current decades long "war on drugs/Prohibition 2" shows no sign at all of ending. Some hold out hope because of noting voices of objection. Look closer, and see that those signs are not making changes in national policy.

Can it change? In this Age of Trump, who can say no? But for now it looks unlikely. So what to do about what you describe?

An ongoing reality of community destruction due to personal drift into desperate drug use to alleviate hopelessness.

And the harmful pre-existing criminal justice techniques designed for criminal class drug offenders.

There are more modern reality-based alternatives that would certainly help at least some of the wrecked humanity drifting into the all-to-well-known drug addiction spiral.

They would be helpful as well to many who are those "criminal class" drug offenders.

This is the sort of thing Pres Trump could push. I think that would get lots of support. Its a problem he has highlighted, but so have others for years now.
2/11/2018, 11:48 pm Link to this post PM greendocnowciv Blog

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