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THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM -- Is Interest on Trump's Skyscrapers Free?

Everyone is concerned about this thing called inflation, but what is inflation really?

Inflation means to expand the monetary base, inflate the money supply. This is done by A) printing Federal Reserve Notes or B) Fractional Reserve Banking.

If the monetary base is expanding faster than the product base, it will take more Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) to purchase the same amount of products because each FRN will have less "purchasing power." This will then be experienced as higher prices. Higher prices simply means it takes more FRNs to buy a given product. The Fed, and the uninformed, often call THIS "inflation". In other words, in Fed-speak, "inflation" is rising prices, never a rising monetary base. The Fed gangsters never want to give Americans any insight into the real mechanics of banking, so they commingle the word "inflation" with different meanings.

And all this has little or nothing to do with "demand." The Fed gangsters always seek to confuse the issue of their printing money to inflate the monetary base with the idea of supply and demand. In other words, they claim that high demand for a given product causes its price to rise. Maybe true, but in an infinite universe of potential "supply" any "rise" is only temporary, unlike the rise caused by inflating the monetary base.

So the only things that are really relevant are: A) How much MONEY is out there at a given time and B) How many PRODUCTS are out there at a given time.

The term "demand" is what statist-economist, John Maynard Keynes, used to "justify" endless borrowing for the governments he was working for, the U.S. Government and the Nazi Government. Human beings "demand" the universe so Keynes's "demand" scenario means little. It's what has been "produced" that matters -- what PRODUCTS those demanding, complaining little humans have been able to sweat into existence.

So we have humans sweating PRODUCTS into existence but we have bankers printing DOLLARS into existence. Who are these criminals: bankers? Do they think they have the right to simply PRINT counterfeit money when everyone else has to SWEAT out real products?! This is exactly what they think -- and they have it all "justified" by the claim that their so-called Federal Reserve System is politically independent and keeps "inflation" and "unemployment" under control for the government. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Fed CAUSES inflation -- boom and bust cycles in the economy -- and the Fed indirectly CAUSES unemployment by lending below-market "money" to corporations that out-source labor and out-compete the undercapitalized, thirty million mom and pop business across America.

It's thus no wonder lazy little Keynesian-brainwashed bums are all over the planet now demanding UBI, so-called Universal Basic Income. Did you ever hear of anything as ridiculous?! These are the Marxist clones of the print-don't-work, banker mentality.

GOLD and SILVER are there to stop this sort of lazy, free-money infestation.

And this is exactly why Fed-member bankers have taken over the U.S. economy and banned gold and silver as money, the only THING the U.S. Constitution says ARE money.

Are WE THE PEOPLE wising up about these anti-Constitutional, anti-Capitalist banksters? I hope so. Even our porn star-dating, builder-president may eventually wise up and wonder why he's paying millions of dollars a month in interest payments to banksters who printed money out of thin-air to finance his New York skyscrapers.

The Constitution says that no "THING" but gold and silver are money. So paper is not money. Debt is not money. Bills of credit are not money. And Federal Reserve Notes are not money.

The only way the human race is going to escape the debt-based, global financial nightmare created by greedy, monetary scientists at the Federal Reserve System in New York is to do the following:

A) Remove all taxes from gold and silver transactions;

B) Modify or abolish all "legal tender" laws that in any way prevent gold and silver from competing with Federal Reserve Notes in the marketplace;

C) All debts, public and private, must be negotiable in gold and silver specie. This includes all taxes for all of the governments that tax WE THE PEOPLE;

D) All Federal Reserve Notes should be redeemable in gold or silver on demand;

E) The practice of "fractional reserve banking" should be phased out by slowly raising the reserve requirement to 100%;

F) The Federal Reserve System should be abolished or reduced to a clearing house function.

A - F may not be in the correct order -- and they may not even be the correct reforms needed, but common sense tells us that the printing of endless paper fiat currency, and its attendant creation of debt, will eventually have to end.

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