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Pres Trump Wants Drug Dealers Executed - He should visit my Florida - We Got it Goin' On

According to this Vice article, he is only reputed to feel this way by one of his "leaky" bro's. The anonymous bro says its so.

It says that the Pres wants to do like Duarte does in "the PI."

Well, we have a working law in this direction right now in the Sunshine State.

A malefactor is being prosecuted now for his dealing having killed a guy in Florida. Just dealing doesnt risk a death charge - the guy who buys from the dealer has to die from the drug the dealer sells him to risk that.

So its not any kind of "Judge Roy Bean, Hanging Judge, bringing Justice to..."

No, but at least where a State Gov or US Pres wants to do this, at least it can be prosecuted in some cases.

So there ya go, Mr. Pres. All written up and everything. Just copy, paste - and bam! Done.
3/23/2018, 4:58 pm Link to this post PM greendocnowciv Blog

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