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If Congress asks a U.S. citizen about their sex life, that very line of questioning is a violation of the 4th Amendment. It's an invasion of privacy, therefore the citizen has the right to lie to Congress and charge them with invasion of privacy.

It's high time sex is removed from politics even if horny Republicans and perverted Democrats get off on using the police powers of the state to probe for intimate details.

These scum politicians know that the average citizen -- brainwashed by religion -- will lie about sex and thus set themselves up for a cover up. This is a deceitful and treacherous tactic, one that was used on Bill Clinton by the putrid rapist, Kenneth Starr.

The state needs to stop using the church for its dirty work. To the degree the church allows itself to be fucked by state, people will continue to move away from religion. The church also has no right meddling in the private sex-lives of citizens. The deity does not care who is !@#$ who, neither should Congress and government thugs that use force to rape and pillage all day long and then call it war or taxation.

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