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THE U.S. EMPIRE: Asymmetric Attacks from Strange Bedfellows

All of the attacks -- school shootings, truck rampages, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, "terrorism", Boston Marathon, 9/11 -- they're all part of the same war against the U.S. Empire.

Every attacker, every person and group has its "reasons." All of these "reasons," however, unite to this: the Global U.S. Empire, in their view, must be stopped.

Operating on runaway fiat-currency, cruel and unusual taxation, the Empire has been hijacked by a small group of rogue, entrenched politicians -- what Ron Paul Revolutionaries and Trump Warriors would call "the Swamp."

Anti-Constitutional, anti-Christian, anti-Capitalist, the psychopaths that have infiltrated Washington DC are equipped with a high-tech surveillance and military police powers that scare people here and around the world. Elites that operate the Empire without regard to its founding principles run roughshod over a world of uncertainty.

Just like foreign terrorists who want to "get us back" for blowing up their families in the Middle East, the kids in public schools across America want to "get us back" because they feel overly controlled, drugged and governed. They are reacting to the bad, drug-influenced choices their BabyBoomer parents made when they did things like sign NAFTA, establish the WTO, allowed the mass media to consolidate, launch the War in Iraq, slept through the enactment of endless tax regulations, local, state and federal. In short, they built the Empire.

Their reactions -- more accurately characterized as asymmetrical warfare -- are a result of the Empire creating antagonism through control and suppression of almost every area of life. Rules, regulations, laws, taxes, codes, stipulations, legal fees, expenses, administrative threats, tax liens, quotas, courts, prosecutors and police now govern every corner of the Empire and permeate everyone of its subjects -- from adults to children.

It's in the air. It's all over the networks. It's whispered in the circles of children to the halls of congress. Kill the Empire, kill the beast. If that can't be done: assault whoever supports it. Assault the Empire's taxpayers and "law abiding" citizens. And if that can't be done, hurt the Empire. Hurt it by hurting what its taxpaying citizens cherish most, their children. Even children get this. This is why they shoot EACH OTHER.

Since a child -- detesting the Empire's control and restrictions can't go into heavily-guarded government buildings, he assaults whatever is available. He assaults the Empire's children in its "gun-free" public schools. He assaults its churchs, offices, streets or theaters. And what do the people in these places have in common? They're all subjects of the Empire. They're all the people who keep it going, who buy its products, who pay its taxes and who use its counterfeit currency. And most of all, they're the people that are brainwashed by the Empire's propaganda establishment (its cinema, TV networks, academia and clergy). They thus march to the politically-correct heart beat that keeps it going. That does its deeds, upholds its laws, pays its taxes and submits to its controls. All this whether such "governance" is over some far away country or just another unauthorized religion here in the U.S. "homeland."

Some reading this will say I'm trying to blame too much on Uncle Sam. Not at all for the Uncle Sam that represented the "greatest generation" has been murdered in every school shooting and every terrorist attack we have so far had in America. The Uncle Sam Americans knew and loved has been replaced by rogue politicians that inhabit the Swamp. By elites that refer to this country as a "Democracy" rather than a "Republic." By this subtle terminology you can know them. By these words you will know that they are the ones that have turned us into an Empire, an evil Empire that people in all walks of life are now reacting to, strange bedfellows in an asymmetric war.

Don't let the bastards in the TV networks -- MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC -- grind Trump down. Call for anti-trust action to break up the 6 media conglomerates that now dominate almost everything Americans see, hear and read. Call for the FCC to enforce fair and balanced news coverage as their mandate stipulates.

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