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Registered: 12-2017
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I was a lurker on kurzweilai and will probably be one here too and not post much.

I unironically believe that the singularity will be here by 2025 at the latest, so let's enjoy the ride.
12/16/2017, 3:43 pm Link to this post PM iq above all Blog
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Re: Greetings

I do not disagree with you. At the pace things are going, 2025 seems very plausible.

Nevertheless, I shall stick with my 2030 estimate. It gives me a little breathing room. If it comes earlier, I will be too busy to be embarrassed.

Welcome to our little operation!

Spikosaur, of the Uncircumcised Umbrella, Prophet to The Collectors, OA, RMC

Hail Apostle Paul
Praise to Founder Bunny
Glory to the Objects
12/16/2017, 10:45 pm Link to this post PM Spikosauropod

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