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Wooden Ships

December 22, 2017 at 7:10pm

Try imagining every's not recommended to be tried to an exclusion of all other wondrous wondering(s)...all work and no play you know:}...could derail into some saturated form of mono obsessiveness...aka a steady's almost a dare...where some stand and stare...wandering very near...remember always who you are...a visitor...a temporary traveler of no time to spare...let us work a way to find...there's no other place like home. Today I read that there might be (or is) two fundamental and fear and from those all others are made.

I've had that love at first....not only sight...also hear...and maybe less realized and aware of ...other at first smell...where judgment has no space to occupy....oh the minutest moments of tempting despair cannot last or hold....oh the some fleeting(s)....get cast to hell.

Stories ("a book) should serve as the ax for the frozen sea within (us.") Franz Kafka

No more so than a burning and yearning to detach the dead and dying from a cleansing metal fire who better than volunteers of the greediest and neediest their landlords, entropic pioneers, weeding away the clinical trials and errors? how well the sweet spot of a perfected procedure.

Until thou tries, ye may not know. yet even in failure(s) a glimpse of...YES! Well, who cares about universal constants? That brief trial ended...Do stop a moment. A moment like that could last in vivid memory of cannot forget. A piece of Herstory....his only regrets some more and Now. Well it's that action of first moment...not only an abstraction...yes a doing....dewing of water falling and mists rising.

Someone actually said to me, "You love everybody." without question, without command, a kind of stunning exclamation. sometimes I'm still wondering too but not too long and not too late. alas at pervious distance. a scale of far and near. as this. Words entered. Send the Wooden Ships.

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